Terms And Conditions


Ballena Tour de Bahía SA, Cédula Jurídica 3-101-379139 (its owners, associates, agents and employees) notify that they do not assume any responsibility for injuries, theft, theft and failure of any means that is directly or indirectly caused by any tour in Costa Rica.

The Compañía Ballena Tour de Bahía S.A. will not be responsible for civil disturbances, Government restrictions or regulations, discrepancies or changes in traffic or service by third parties that offer a Service / product (accommodation, transportation, etc.), as well as damage to people or property in relation to any another service / product that will affect the reservation of the activity, the service / product that you have contracted.

Changes can be made to the itinerary when deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of Compañía Ballena Tour de Bahía S.A. and of the Client, as long as there is a willingness to negotiate by both parties before having made a Dispute or request a refund and it is made in writing through Chat by any means of communication used by the company (WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal) or through of e-mail.

Luggage, vehicles or other belongings are the responsibility of the Client to safeguard them, however our Company will ensure that the Client is safe in our facilities.

The Provisions and / or Government Legislation must be followed as is by the Client and our Company, therefore Government provisions for Insurance coverage and / or any other aspect it will be important that the Client is informed about the current Legislation and compliance with the ordinances of the Government of Costa Rica.

Medical and Health Service

Guests with some type of health condition or some type of disability must inform the staff of the Compañía Ballena Tour de Bahía S.A. before arriving to carry out any activity, as well as when they make the reservation online through the Internet, also if they cannot swim, are nervous, easily upset, are in psychological / psychiatric control or are elderly. This is so that the Company’s collaborators can collaborate with them in the best possible way.

This is due to the fact that Clients may suffer from some complication during the activities due to being a protected wild area and thus being able to be prepared in some type of emergency.

During the activity there is access to a first aid kit, it should be noted that our staff is not a DOCTOR, so they can only provide first aid, if the Client wishes, a private Doctor or Nurse can be hired and it will be paid by the Client at the time of making the reservation.

In possible emergencies in activities within the protected wild area, assistance, evacuation by Government Authorities could be prolonged, difficult, expensive or impossible. These procedures are not in charge of Compañía Ballena Tour de Bahía S.A.

The Compañía Ballena Tour de Bahía S.A. has a Policy that covers Civil Liability and Direct Damage parti, provided by the National Insurance Institute (INS), Policy number 0111EMB0000015300 valid until February 16, 2022.

This Policy is the fundamental one required by the Legislation in Costa Rica. If the Client wants a Policy with greater coverage, he can contract it in his country of origin or in Costa Rica and add the additional Policy document to the “Disclaimer” Document.

In case of accidents, emergencies, Compañía Ballena Tour de Bahía S.A. It will be based on the Legislation of the Insurance Policy granted by the National Insurance Institute (INS)